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Bioderma Refreshing After-Sun Milk

Category- Face & Body Lotion

Brand- Bioderma

Price range- High range (Rs. 2000 fr 100 ml pack.)

Product base/form- Lotion

Usage- Sensitive, Dry, Normal, Combination but not acne prone.

Ingredient study results- it is a synthetic product containing shea butter, high grade mineral oil, rhamnose, mannitol, glycerine, fructooligosaccharides, laminaria ochroleca extract, allantoin, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, caprylic triglyceride, lactic acid etc. It is lightly scented.

Why we chose this product- it is enriched with emollient and soothing agents. Allantoin and ginkgo biloba soothe feeling of overheating. Glycerine and shea restructure and prevent cutaneous dryness caused by sun exposure. It preserves an optimum level of moisture in the epidermis. Restores the skin’s original softness and suppleness. Prolongs tanning. This exclusive cellular bioprotection biological patent preserves as well as stimulates the skin’s defences (immunity) during sun exposure; thus protecting the skin from risks of cellular damage and combats premature cutaneous ageing. It is hypo-allergic and devoid of harsh parabens, skin irritants, artificial colours & excessive fragrance.

Safety- It is moderately safe for application.

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