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Combination skin occurs when oily, dry or normal skin types are present simultaneously. Typically, the oily areas are located on the T-zone, which consists of the forehead, nose and chin. Cheeks are normal to dry but usually more on the dry side. The T-zone also tends to have larger pores, blackheads, shiny skin and is prone to breakouts, while the cheeks may feel rough and irritated. The degrees of oiliness and dryness can vary, like:

  • oily T-zone (forehead and nose) along with dry to slightly oily cheek.
  • patches of oily and dry skin.
  • sometimes oily and sometime dry.

To further understand, maintain and enhance COMBINATION SKIN TYPE view/read our specially compiled guidance section on Combination Skin.

This Guidance Includes:

  • Experts Speak 
  • Must Know Facts about this Skin Type
  • Basic Skincare Regime
  • Natural Effective Home Remedies



Important  Note: All these tips/recommendations/remedies are generalized for this skin type and will prove to be highly effective for majority of the people; but there can be 1% people who might not find these as effective as the others. Such people can either opt for our customized skincare service or get in touch with us.

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