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DEBUNK THE MYTH- Toothpastes are a quick fix remedy for pimples

This is surely one of the most widely used and proclaimed quick fix tips since ages. But this is a totally misguided advice for skin. The reasons for this are mentioned below:

  • The key ingredients present in the toothpastes which help in drying out pimples (eg fluoride, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, menthol, triclosan etc); are actually harmful irritants for the skin and make the skin susceptible for skin allergies. These can also cause irritation or inflammation of skin in the long run which will further enhance acne breakouts and skin scarring.
  • Most tooth pastes are very basic in pH, so they mess with the acid mantle of skin. Absolutely the opposite of what you want to do when killing acne bacteria is your aim.
  • The toothpastes available now days are stronger and have many added ingredients – like bleaching and whitening agents, colorants’ which can eventually burn the skin.

Always Remember: If you are nice to your acid mantle and lipid barrier, your skin will be nice to you.

You can try these alternate options instead: tea tree oil (diluted with your favourite carrier oil) fresh garlic clove, fresh lemon juice, apple cidar vinegar, honey, rubbing alcohol, or a dab of your favourite clay mask. Benzyl peroxide or glycolic acid creams (the percentage should be discussed with your dermatologist).

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