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Dermalogica Pre Shave Guard

Category- Pre Shave Guard

Brand- Dermalogica

Price range- High range (Rs. 2800 fr 75 gm pack). 

Product base/form- Cream

Usage- All skin types except sensitive skin. 

Ingredient study results- It contains beneficial ingredients like glycerin, sucrose, camphor, wheat germ extract, saccharomyces cerevisiae extract, sodium hyaluronate, clove oil etc.

Why we chose this product- It effectively softens heavier, coarser beards without the high-alkaline ingredients that can cause dryness. It increases lubricity during shaving by adding an extra layer of defense against the razor blade. It contains camphor which helps tone to lift beard away from skin for maximum razor closeness. Clove flower oil, wheatgerm and yeast extract help relieve razor burn. It is devoid of artificial colourant dyes & excessive fragrances. 

Safety- It is moderately safe for application. It has plant oils that can be irritating for sensitive skins.

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