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Pore is simply the opening of the hair follicle on the skin. It is through these pores that the lipids or sebum (secreted by the sebaceous glands present along the hair follicles) is released onto the surface of the skin. If the oil production is normal, the natural oil (sebum) clearly flows through the skin pore lining to get out of the pore and spread over the skin’s surface gradually. On the other hand if the oil glands produce too much of oil, the excess oil combines with other substances (like skin dead cells, dirt, and sweat) in the pores to create clogs. Consequently, these clogs render it tough for the oil to flow freely, thereby causing the pores to get enlarged.

To further understand and manage your ENLARGED PORES view/read our specially compiled guidance section on Enlarged Pores.

This Guidance Includes:

  • Experts Speak
  • Must Know Facts about Enlarged Pores
  • Overview on Symptoms,Cause, Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Common Queries


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