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Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Gel

Category- Gel/Lotion

Brand- Forest Essentials

Price range- Mid range (Rs. 1250 fr 50 gm pack)

Product base/form- Gel

Usage- All skin types. People with ultra sensitive & reactive skin should perform a patch test before using. 

Ingredient study results- it is made of natural beneficial ingredients like aloe vera juice, wheat germ extract, aswagandha root extract, glycerin etc. 

Why we chose this product- This light cool gel contains pure aloe vera juice which has strong soothing, healing and moisture retaining properties. It is blended with nutrient rich humectants and floral waters. This is free of parabens, harsh chemicals, synthetic additives, skin irritants, artificial fragrances & colourant dyes.

Safety- It is safe for application.

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