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L’Occitane Baux After Shave Balm

Category- Shave Balm

Brand- L’occitane

Price range- High range (Rs. 2000 fr 75 ml pack)

Product base/form- Gel

Usage- All skin types except extra sensitive skin. Can be slightly comedogenic for acne prone skin.  

Ingredient study results- It contains natural beneficial ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, natural form of  Vit E, coconut oil, oak root extract, betula alba extract, natural form of coumarin, natural fragrances etc.

Why we chose this product- It restores smoothness and comfort to freshly shaved skin with an emollient blend of botanical ingredients. It helps calm inflammation to prevent in-grown hairs and heal razor burn. It is non-greasy and devoid of artificial color as well as dyes. Its light and fluid texture melts into the skin without leaving greasy residue.

Safety- It is moderately safe for application.

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