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Neutrogena Oil – Free Moisturiser

Category- Moisturiser

Brand- Neutrogena

Price range- Low- Mid range (Rs. 795 fr 118 ml pack)

Product base/form- lotion

Usage- combination, normal. 

Ingredient study results- this light weight lotion has beneficial ingredients like cyclomethicone, cetyl octanoate, glycerin, cetyl ricinoleate, glyceryl stearate, lysine carboxymethyl cystinate, lysine thiazolidine carboxylate, tocopherol, xanthan gum etc.

Why we chose this product- This mild dual-action moisturizer provides deep moisturization on the dry areas without leaving it oily or shiny. Also a special oil-absorbing Microsponge® system controls oil and shine in the T-Zone—or wherever else skin is oily. Its sheer formula absorbs quickly into skin giving a softer and smoother feel. This is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and free of alcohol, oils, fragrance, skin irritants & colourant dyes.

Safety- It is moderately safe for application. It has parabens.

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