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Procedure We Follow

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The client is asked to fill up a 10 minute questionnaire; especially designed by the highly experienced team of Enriching UR Skin.

The questionnaire encompasses specific questions pertaining to the client’s skin (eg. skin colour, climatic conditions the client is exposed to everyday, sun exposure, environmental stress etc) followed by the client’s skin history and brief details about their health condition.

Based on the precise information shared by the client while answering EUS’s above mentioned questionnaire; an exhaustive/detailed skin condition & requirement assessment is carried out by the highly experienced team of EUS to access the specific skin type, skin condition, skin needs and the aesthetic concerns of the client.

The specific findings from the analysis are enlisted and a detailed SKIN ASSESSMENT  REPORT of the client is prepared by the EUS team.

Alongside two specific lists are also prepared:

  • First list enlisting all the skincare ingredients which will provide the maximum long term benefit to the client’s basic skin type/ condition/ needs and at the same time also address the aesthetic concerns of the client.
  • Second list enlisting the skincare ingredients which can prove to be harmful for the client’s skin.


First the skincare products (to be used as part of the face care regime) are Identified/ Screened specifically for the client’s skin.

Based on the 2 specific lists prepared above by the EUS team after an exhaustive Skin Assessment; skincare products are screened from the expansive database (containing the ingredient & stability data of almost all skincare products available in the asian markets) exclusively maintained and regularly updated by EUS.

Only those skincare products that meet the requirements mentioned in the 2 specific lists are selected.

Each and every ingredient present in the skincare product is thoroughly screened to check if it:

  • Complies with the essential international skin health & safety standards.
  • Is SAFE (without any harmful skin sensitizing agents/ skin irritants/ toxins/ carcinogens/ hormone disrupting ingredients or chemicals) for application on human skin.
  • Is correctly packaged so as to preserve the stability of its key ingredients.

Note: Enriching UR Skin tries its best (taking into account the possible limits; keeping with the availability constraints & shortage of 100% safe products) to SELECT only those skincare products which are made from ingredients; that are compliant with most health & safety standards (permissible limits) and are moderately to highly safe for application on human skin.

Then the EUS team devises a comprehensive SKINCARE REGIME; based on the findings (specific skin type, skin condition, skin needs and the aesthetic concerns of the client) of the exhaustive skin assessment conducted specifically for the client’s skin.

The regime also includes important specifications required for enhancing the overall health of the client’s skin. 

The detailed Skincare Regime prepared by EUS team; specifically for the client’s skin; is finally arranged in a client friendly format and shared via a ‘DETAILED SKINCARE REGIME PLAN’ (Also called Service Reply Form).
This includes the following:

  • Specific findings from the client’s Skin Assessment.
  • The entire list of skincare products (required as part of the face care regime) recommended exclusively for the client’s specific skin.
  • Detailed application specifics for the client’s skin.  
    • Appropriate time of application of each skincare product selected exclusively for the client’s specific skin.
    • Appropriate order of application for the complete range of identified/ selected skincare products.
    • Frequency of product application.
    • Detailed modes of application of each skincare product.

    Important recommendations (skincare tips, diet, home remedies etc) for the client’s specific skin.

*Disclaimer : Result may vary from person to person.