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Does Enriching UR Skin have a ‘follow-up’ policy for its services?

QuestionsCategory: GeneralDoes Enriching UR Skin have a ‘follow-up’ policy for its services?
enrichingurskin Staff asked 5 years ago

The follow-ups are 100% free.

Enriching UR Skin team personally gets in touch with the client for free follow-ups.

The schedule for the follow up is as follows:

  1. The 1st follow-up is done exactly after two weeks; from the day the ‘Customized Skincare Regime Plan’ is emailed to the client. [Plz Note: Customized Skincare Regime Plan is a detailed report in which the personalized advice/ guidance provided by EUS; under each of its services; is emailed to the client.]
  2. Then consequent follow-up’s are done after:
  • One month
  • 3 months

In between if clients have any queries or if they require any additional advice pertaining to the recommended skincare products or devised regime; they can contact Enriching UR Skin. We assure; your queries will be responded within 24 hrs.

*Disclaimer : Result may vary from person to person.