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Why clients prefer Enriching UR Skin ?

QuestionsCategory: GeneralWhy clients prefer Enriching UR Skin ?
enrichingurskin Staff asked 5 years ago

Enriching UR Skin’s services are based on the following attributes:

1.) CUSTOMIZED SERVICES: All our services are exclusively tailored / designed for the client’s specific skin type/ concern/ aesthetic needs. Skin is a complex organ and every person’s skin is unique having its own specific issues/needs. Until those specific needs are not addressed; it’s impossible to achieve a naturally flawless healthy looking skin. 

2.) HIGHLY EXPERIENCED TEAM: The team of Enriching UR Skin consists of Dermatologists, Cosmetologists, Cosmetic Bio-scientists, Skincare professionals, Beauty Consultants from Delhi & NCR. EUS also has panel of advisers. This panel consists of practicing Certified Dermatologists & Cosmetologists (who have 15-35 years experience) from Delhi & NCR, Cosmeceutical Experts (scientists having knowledge about cosmetic/ skincare ingredients and their efficacy) and Human toxicity experts. Enriching UR Skin team seeks advice from the panel on a regular basis.

The team has successfully provided personalized guidance for skincare products to about 900 clients in the past.

3.) SKIN SAFETY: We at Enriching UR Skin are committed towards skin safety and overall health of our clients. HENCE UNDER EACH of our offered services; OUR TEAM; TRIES its best (taking into account the possible limits; keeping with the availability constraints & shortage of 100% safe products) to select/ identify/ recommend skincare products which are made from INGREDIENTS; that are compliant with most international health & safety standards (permissible limits) and are moderately to highly safe for application on human skin. 

A lesser known fact is that many of the skincare products we use in our everyday lives have ingredients/ chemicals which pose a threat for skin safety and overall health. In the long run these ingredients/ chemicals have been identified to cause- allergies & immunotoxicity, hypersensitivity reactions, damage of the skin layers, developmental & reproductive toxicity and carcinogenesis.

Therefore it’s absolutely necessary for our skin safety & overall health; to avoid skincare products that contain such harmful ingredients/ chemicals.

4.) PROFESSIONAL UNBIASED GUIDANCE: We are professionals who believe in providing authentic, scientific and correct knowledge about skin to our clients and in the process help people to permanently get rid of their skin problems/ issues for ultimately achieving a healthy flawless skin.

At Enriching UR Skin we neither promote nor criticize a particular skincare product/ brand/ company. We only provide a totally un-biased/ honest customized guidance to all our clients.  

5.) PERSONALIZED TOUCH FOR EVERY CLIENT: Every member of our team first goes through the Skin Analysis Report of every client and then keeping all the aspects/ analysis reports in front of them; the team cohesively provides solutions/ suggestions under each of the offered services.

As every client’s skin is unique/ specific; their needs are also equally specific/ unique. Therefore to deliver our customized services to the clients; the members of our team have to personally dedicate around 12-14 man hours on each client. 

6.) CLIENT SATISFACTION: Enriching UR Skin’s primary aim is to provide happiness and overall satisfaction to its clients. The follow-ups are 100% free. The team at Enriching UR Skin personally gets in touch with every client for a free follow-up; this is done to ensure that their clients do not face any problems with respect to Enriching UR Skin services or their skin. 

The schedule for the follow up is as follows:

  1. The 1st follow-up is done exactly after two weeks; from the day the ‘Customized Skincare Regime Plan’ is emailed to the client. [Plz Note: Customized Skincare Regime Plan is a detailed report in which the personalized advice/ guidance provided by EUS; under each of its services; is emailed to the client.]
  2. Then consequent follow-up’s are done after:
  • 3 months
  • 6 months

In between if clients have any queries or if they require any additional advice pertaining to the recommended skincare products or devised regime; they can contact Enriching UR Skin. We assure; your queries will be responded within 24 hrs.



*Disclaimer : Result may vary from person to person.