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What Client's Say About Enriching UR Skin

*I have a beautiful blemish free skin, all thanks to Enriching UR Skin. It all started when my aunt took me to Enriching UR Skin about a year back. That time I was in severe depression. I had sensitive skin with acne and reactions used to fallout with almost any skincare product I tried. I was seeing boys for marriage that time and a number of boys used to reject me because of the acne & it’s after marks on my skin. I also underwent two laser sessions at a clinic for my acne but because it was so expensive I could not afford its yearlong sessions.

My aunt had heard about Enriching UR Skin from her colleague so we finally fixed an appointment and went to Enriching UR Skin where they asked me to fill up an elaborate questionnaire followed by a thorough skin analysis. After which they gave me a detailed skincare regime mentioning specifically which skincare products (soap, face wash, sunscreen, moisturiser etc) I should use. I started seeing visible results within a month and gradually my skin started clearing up. Now it has been 8 months and I have a blemish free healthy looking skin. Last month my marriage got fixed and I owe all the happiness to Enriching UR Skin team. Thanks for changing my life.

Nimi Marwaha, Customer Executive, Noida

*I highly recommend Enriching UR Skin for it has given me an entirely new life. I had frizzy hair, they used to look lifeless and break too often. When I used to change my conditioner to a more heavy cream based one I used to end up having dandruff. It was very embarrassing; as all my friends had started calling me ‘ urchin’.

I landed up at Enriching UR Skin out of pure frustration but never knew; that this decision will prove to be one of the best. It’s just been 3 months since and my hair texture has improved dramatically and that too without dandruff or any other reaction.

Preeti, Management Student, Noida

*I was introduced to Enriching UR Skin through my friend when I was experiencing extremely dry skin along with inflammation with every other anti aging product I was trying.

At Enriching UR Skin they carried out a thorough questionnaire based skin analysis; after which they suggested an anti aging cream specifically for my skin. I have been using this cream since last 7 months and my fines lines have totally vanished. At the same time I have a natural beautiful glow on my skin and that too without any type of inflammation or skin reaction.

I have been getting compliments from everyone and I was on top of the world when recently my husband introduced me as his ‘Forever Young’ wife at his official get together. All thanks to Enriching UR Skin I have found a new me so confident and so happy.

Mrinalini Singh, IT Professional, Gurgaon

*I recently shifted back to India after staying for over 2 years in US. I have always had oily skin but about 6 months back I started developing dry flaky patches and redness on the cheeks as soon as I used to step out in the sun with my sunscreen on. It was surprising because I had been using this sunscreen since past 3-4 years. I was about to consult a doctor when my neighbour took me to Enriching UR Skin where after a thorough analysis; they told me that; my skin type has changed over the years from oily to combination and hence I need to change my sunscreen, face wash as well as my moisturiser.

They chose skincare products according to my skin condition and gave me a list of the same. I was little apprehensive because I was breast feeding my child that time. It was then that I learned from Enriching UR Skin that they choose; only those skincare products; which have no or minimal amount of ingredients that pose health risks in the long run. I have been using their advised products since last 6 months and trust me my flaky patches, redness have all gone. In fact now I have a nice supple skin. I can’t thank my neighbour enough for taking me to Enriching UR Skin. Hats off to the team of Enriching UR Skin for taking a never before initiative of this kind.

Deepti , Engineer, Delhi

*Enriching UR Skin is the best if you want to know which Skincare Products and Cosmetics available in the market are Safe yet Effective for your Skin. During my pregnancy I was totally frustrated looking and asking people to suggest safe skincare products because I wanted to keep my child safe. It was then that Enriching UR Skin came to my rescue. They provided me a complete list of pregnancy safe skincare products and Enriching UR Skin experts also prepared an entire Skincare Regime plan/chart for my skin. I neither had any skin issue during pregnancy nor after 1 year of giving birth to my child. In fact my skin has become better than what it was. Also in spite of delivering during summer months my child never experienced any skin rash or redness or dryness, all thanks to Enriching UR Skin.

Pooja, Housewife, Greater Noida

*I recommend Enriching UR Skin to everyone who has ever struggled with Pigmentation, Dark spots or Acne. I had been struggling with uneven skin tone and post acne dark spots since my teenage years. And I had accepted that I will never have a good clean skin until my Gyanecologist suggested me Enriching UR Skin. At Enriching UR Skin they did a thorough Skin Analysis and after that prepared a complete monthly Skincare Regime Plan for me to follow along with a list of Do’s & Don’ts. It has been just 3 months and my post acne dark spots have diminished and my acne has also got controlled.

Aarti, Event Manager, Delhi

*A big heartfelt thank you to Enriching UR Skin for making my terribly dry lack luster skin into a healthy glowing skin. My profession requires regular makeup and late nights. Enriching UR Skin suggested me cosmetics that suited my skin type and they also prepared an entire monthly Skincare Regime Plan for me. It has been 6 months and now trust me my skin has become so healthy and supple. In fact my fine wrinkles around the eyes have also reduced tremendously. Guidance by Enriching UR Skin is the best.

Pia, Model, Mumbai

*I highly fully truly recommend Enriching UR Skin customized Skincare Regime Plan and their services to everyone who wants to have a healthy glowing skin that lasts for years. I have not seen a more understanding and experienced team of skin experts. Kudos to the team for their effort.

Rajeev, Corporate Executive, Pune

*The team of Enriching UR Skin goes into the depth of your problem and then give you guidance that actually gives you miraculous results. I had psoriasis and because of its treatment my skin had become rough, dry and reactive. I even used to get reaction with shaving creams and it had become so difficult for me to maintain a clean shaven groomed look. Enriching UR Skin prepared a complete monthly Skincare Regime Plan containing the name of the shaving cream, toner, face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen etc for me and suggested some changes in my daily diet along with some Do’s & Don’ts of how to shave. Now after following the above given plan by Enriching UR Skin for 5 months my skin has regained its softness and now I don’t even have any problems because of shaving. My friends were shocked to see this change. I have never been happier before. Thanks Enriching UR Skin.


Amit, Management Professional, Bangalore
*Disclaimer : Result may vary from person to person.