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Beauty is Imperative the world over. The secret of beauty has been a quest of humans’ rite from the ancient Egyptians to the Harappan civilization; to the classic fairy tales and finally to the present era; which in fact has higher standards of beauty than there were in the past.

With the advances in technology and in particular the rise of the mass media in the last couple of years; the skincare industry has grown tremendously with veritable revolution in commercial skincare products and beauty culture. In fact we are introduced to a new skincare product every other day; be it either through a friend/colleague or a celebrity (flashing across the screen with special camera tricks to create an illusion of flawless skin) promoting a new breakthrough technology for your skin.

How much ever we deny it’s only human to want to be appreciated for one’s appearance. The parameters of beauty can be different from region to region and person to person but a healthy glowing flawless skin can never be substituted with anything; in looking your best. It’s a common statement that – beauty is skin deep but trust me even getting that far presents quite a challenge.

Only few lucky people are born with a healthy flawless skin but majority of us; have to really work hard for it; and in the process we go to any extent to achieve it; then be it for spending huge amounts at aesthetic clinics, at the parlours or experimenting with new skincare products launched every now n then by different brands/companies. It is during this zest that we unknowingly fall prey to the overflowing cornucopia (an abundant supply of almost similar kind of things) of skincare products without giving importance to its implications on the overall health of our skin in the long run.

Skin is a complex organ and merely categorizing it into one of the 4 basic skin types (normal, oily, dry, combination & sensitive) is not sufficient. For it varies dramatically in its constitution depending on each individual’s genetic predisposition, hormonal balance, medical condition, skin conditions (acne, pigmentation, rosecea, freckles, size of pores, melanin secretion), water content of the dermal tissues, regular skincare regime, degree of environmental stress (sun exposure, pollution, quality of air and climatic conditions) and reaction to different allergens’. Therefore the skincare requirements and solutions differ from individual to individual. For eg- a product may give miraculous results to someone but it may end up giving totally contrary results for another person. No surprise though, that over 80% of people assess their skin incorrectly ending up using wrong skincare products which in turn lead to disruption of the original skin balance resulting in battling the same skin issue for a lifetime.

An even lesser known fact is that many of the skincare products we use in our everyday lives have ingredients/ chemicals which pose a threat for skin safety and overall health. In the long run these ingredients/chemicals have been identified to cause- allergies & immunotoxicity, hypersensitivity reactions, damage of the skin layers, developmental & reproductive toxicity and carcinogenesis. In the western countries the campaign against safe skincare and cosmetics has recently gained importance after a number of research findings were made public. 
Associations like Environment Working Group’ have emerged which are currently forcing skincare manufacturers to remove/abandon ingredients/ chemicals which pose a threat to skin and human body. Only a handful of companies/brands have agreed to abide by the health & safety guidelines; whereas most of the others have shown a deaf ear to all this. Therefore it’s absolutely necessary for our skin safety & overall health; to avoid skincare products that contain such harmful ingredients/chemicals.

*Disclaimer : Result may vary from person to person.