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Why is Safe Skincare Guidance Important

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Wondering Why We Are Emphasizing On SAFE Skincare?

It is because most of us are unaware; that a number of skincare products we use in our everyday lives have ingredients/ chemicals which pose a threat for skin safety leading to allergies, immunotoxicity, hypersensitivity and severe unexpected reactions in the long run. At the same time there are also a number of skincare products which; though belonging to famous skincare brands; contain toxic/ sensitizing/ carcinogenic/ hormone disrupting ingredients or chemicals that can cause irreparable damage to the skin and therefore should be avoided.

Also with new skincare products/ brands launched & marketed every year; it becomes extremely difficult; to choose a skincare product; which will specifically suit our skin type/ condition/ needs and is yet SAFE for application on human skin. It is during this quest; to find the best skincare product for our skin that we keep experimenting blindly with different products or different skincare brands without realizing that this can result in the disruption of normal balance of the skin leading to hypersensitivity and severe unexpected reactions in the long run. 

Plz Note: We neither promote nor criticize any particular skincare product/ brand/ company because; No particular company/brand is GOOD or BAD; what actually matters and needs to be looked into is the concentration of each ingredient present in a particular product, the stability of its key components/active ingredients and the overall formulation. 

You May Also Ask Why this Initiative is Important in India?

Well in India (with all apologies’) there is a typical mindset that people have when they are buying any skincare product.

Which is-

  • Sasta hai kharedo
  • Discount hai kharedo
  • Claim kar raha hai ‘100% Natural hai’ kharedo
  • Arre foreign brand hai accha hi hoga kharedo
  • Bollywood Celebrity promote kar rahi/raha hai zaroor achha hoga kharedo

What needs to change is the deep routed ‘CHALTA HAI’ ATTITUDE.

We at Enriching UR Skin are committed towards skin safety and overall health of our clients.

HENCE UNDER EACH of our offered services; OUR TEAM; TRIES its best (taking into account the possible limits; keeping with the availability constraints & shortage of 100% safe products) to select/ identify/ recommend skincare products which are made from INGREDIENTS; that are compliant with most international health & safety standards (permissible limits) and are moderately to highly safe for application on human skin.



*Disclaimer : Result may vary from person to person.